About the Society
Founded in 1968

One of the oldest European societies in Nuclear Medicine

O ur Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (HSNM&MI) was founded in 1968, as Greek Society of Nuclear Medicine and Biology, by the renowned Honoured Member of the Academy of Athens for Sciences and Philosophy, Professor of Medicine Vassilios Malamos . It is one of the oldest European societies in nuclear medicine with more than 210 members. In 2012 the society’s name was changed to the Hellenic Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (HSNM&MI) in order to denote the importance of nuclear medicine in imaging at the molecular level.

Members of our Society are: Nuclear Medicine Physicians, Trainees in Nuclear Medicine, Medical physicists, Radiochemists, Radiopharmacologists and several Scientists in expertise or interest in Nuclear Medicine, as also technologist who interact and operate in Nuclear Medicine .

Our Board of Directors consists of: President, Vice President, General Secretary, Special Secretary, Treasurer and 2 Members of the Board. All board members are elected for a period of three years by the current subscribed members of the Society during Electoral Accounting scheduled General Assembly.

HSNM&MI is the only scientific organization which is recognized officially by the Greek State authorized to consult on Nuclear Medicine matters. Our Society operates and acts as the main and only consultant for the Greek State , in any kind of issue including and interfering with Nuclear Medicine. In order to fulfil our mission, the society has established a number of committees, including committees for education, continuing medical education in nuclear medicine, radioprotection and quality control.

HSNM&MI Statute – Article selection (EN)