CySNM20 | 20 Years Cyprus Society of Nuclear Medicine

15ο Πανελλήνιο Συνέδριο Πυρηνικής Ιατρικής
Ημερίδα: “Ενδοκρινολογία & Πυρηνική Ιατρική στην Αντιμετώπιση Διαγνωστικών & Θεραπευτικών Προβλημάτων”

CySNM20 | 20 Years Cyprus Society of Nuclear Medicine

Αγαπητοί Συνάδελφοι,

Σας στέλνουμε παρακάτω τη προσκλητήρια επιστολή για το Επετειακό Συνέδριο της Κυπριακής Εταιρείας Πυρηνικής Ιατρικής.

Dear Friends,

The Cyprus Society of Nuclear Medicine (CySNM) is looking forward to celebrating its 20th birthday with all those friends and colleagues who have contributed to the society’s success. We strongly believe that the best way to achieve that is through the organization of an “Anniversary Conference”. The conference will be held between 6 and 10 November 2019 at Atlantica Miramare Hotel Limassol Cyprus. This would not just be a standard nuclear medicine conference. Though Cyprus is a small country we have had a big impact in the world of nuclear medicine and we wish to share our birthday with all our good friends worldwide. We are thankful to those world class leaders in nuclear medicine who have accepted our invitation and come here to Cyprus to share this special time with us. We will structure the meeting such that there will not only be exciting and learned lectures but there will be plenty of time for interaction and discussion including lively debates on controversies concerning nuclear medicine and its application.

For detailed information please visit our web page at

Rena Demetriadou

President CySNM & Chair Organising Committee

Savvas Frangos

Chair Scientific Committee