HSNM&MI mission includes:

1Advisory Board
Acts as an advisory board of experts for the Greek State and guides actions for the creation of regulations and institutions in the field of Nuclear Medicine, such as education, post-secondary education, radiation protection and dosimetry, safety and quality control of mechanical equipment of manufacture and use of radiopharmaceuticals.
2Development of Nuclear Medicine in Greece
Ensures the development of Nuclear Medicine in Greece throughout the scope of its field of study, maximizing the potentials, while ensuring the highest quality of the processes and results (state of the art). HSNM&MI main purpose is to train Nuclear Physicians at the highest possible level creating conditions necessary for the continuous training and retraining of the members. Simultaneously, it ensures the continuous training of its trainers as well as the creation of training programs for all health professionals working and interacting in the field of Nuclear Medicine, considered as a nationally provider of continuing education to Nuclear Medicine Technologists. To achieve all of the above objectives, HSNM&MI works closely with EANM and other international scientific Associations as well as with the European Union medicine section known as "Union Europeenne des Monospecialistes".
Consists and creates experts committees that reports to the Board of Directors to resolve Nuclear Medicine issues and problems that may occur.
4Copyrights of its members
It protects and ensures the copyrights of its members.